The Cutest Itty Bitty NFT Collectibles

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BittyBots is on the Polygon Blockchain and requires MATIC to mint! Don't know how to start? Check out our FAQ. You can also look at the Playground to learn what parts are remaining.

In the year 2088 A.D.

...86% of human life is accompanied by at least one droid companion. These bots were built for varying purposes—some to improve the efficiency of everyday life, others for self-defense in a world of increasing crime. And of course, some have been built for evil. Collectively, these droid companions are known as BittyBots.

With depleted resources, most BittyBots have been built from the scrap parts of expired bots and other available materials. Each bot is programmed to run on a naturally harnessed source of energy—called an engine—giving them unique powers. The heart-shaped engine runs on Love. Which engine will your bot have?

What are BittyBots?

BittyBots is an exciting new NFT collectible on the Ethereum blockchain. Each bot is a programatically generated 48x48 (enlarged to 480x480) animated pixel artwork. No two BittyBots are alike!

Each BittyBot has unique properties, some rarer than others. Properties include a power level determined by a number of factors. How powerful will your BittyBot be?

Combine & Customize!

Use various parts from the BittyBots you own to combine and customize them into an all-new, and more powerful second generation BittyBot! Owners of 2 or more bots will have the ability to combine them through our simple customization tool. Once combined, you will be able to customize an all-new NFT!

10 ETH

Reveal a BittyBot with one of these BB1 (BittyBots 1ETH) companions and we will Airdrop you 1 ETH when BittyBot #19999 is minted. NO JOKE! There are 10 of these NFTs in total.

Plus, Rare 1-of-1 Sub-Collections

There are only 16 Glitchbots, 16 Goldbots and 16 Godbots spread throughout the collection. Will you reveal one of these mega rare BittyBot NFTs?

Presale & Reveal

BittyBots are hidden during pre-sale! This is more fun and makes the revealing a community experience.

After the reveal, you can click on “Refresh Metadata” on OpenSea to see which BittyBot you got. Which BittyBot are you hoping to reveal?

About Us

BittyBots is created by @_kixboy and @_solazy (@ChubbiesNFT). We’re a two-person team that code and create experimental art. We ❤️ crypto, NFTs, and Bomberman. Through the years we’ve become good friends that have bonded over a love of traveling ✈️, boardgames 🎲 and foods 🍜.

New to the NFT world, and inspired by @ChubbiesNFT, @_kixboy had the idea of creating something from his childhood drawings—thus, BittyBots were born. The idea was formed back in April 2021, but at that time @_solazy had prior commitments to Chubbies. By giving back to Chubbies owners 1 to 1, our priorities aligned and we have set forth to create a one-of-a-kind collection that no one has done before.

kixboy (art)

solazy (dev)